FINAL PROJECT!!! Monday, Dec 10 2007 

Here is a Webquest that I created for a Visual Arts 3o project. I integrate the Evergreen Curriculum with the Module 21 on Personal Identity and Independent Study. This module is optional and I thought I would create my own project for my students. They are to create Artist Trading Cards. I hope you enjoy it! HERE IT IS.


Wrapping up My Blog Saturday, Dec 8 2007 

Well, it’s now the end of the semester and the end of my ECMP 355 class. I have learned so much in this class and I will use it to my benefit. I cannot imagine going into teaching without all the tools I have learned in this past semester. It’s almost as if all these great things( blogs, tools, podcasts, 2.0 classroom) were right under my nose all this time but I had no idea what any of them were for. I would like to thank my prof for all the help he gave me. It was such a treat to be in such a class where things are achieved through participation and hard work but while learning sooo much at the same time. I would like to wish everyone great success in their future and good luck on your finals!

Computer! Wednesday, Dec 5 2007 

I’m finally getting my computer back today!! YAY! Now all the work I put will be on it and I’ll be able to finish all my work properly. My portfolio won’t be done today tho just because I am going to get it at the IT support center right now. I’m so excited to get my baby back! I’ll see you all at pizza pizza. Um, if anyone sees this before hand, could you tell me which room we are in? thanks

Monster Exchange Tuesday, Dec 4 2007 

The monster exchange project began in 1995 and is designed to develop reading and writing skills while integrating computer technology. As I was viewing this site, an idea came to mind and I believe it would work perfectly in the classroom, not only for English writing but also for art. These children start off creating their own monster with very original traits. This helps them use their originality and drawing skills. They then describe every aspect of their monster and send the description to another student anywhere around the world. The other student, based on his knowledge of what the monster could look like, recreates his own version. I believe this is so great and plan on using it in my art classes. Here is an example of BAM

Original: Jennifer V. Redrawn: Shrestha

monster1.jpg monster2.jpg

Here is the description as to what Shrestha had to work with.

Here are other similar website in which the child can use his or her crafting skills

Flat Stanley Project

Postcard Geography

Trading Cards (done here in Regina in collaboration with the Art galleries)

Did you say 3? Sunday, Dec 2 2007 

I had a very nice week-end and today means back to work. It only hit me this morning that we only have 3 official days of school. That also means that all my work from this semester must be done and ready before the end of the week. I’m getting a little bit nervous but I just like to tell myself, as sooo many others have told me, it will all be worth it and done soon! I can’t wait for Christmas. The skin I have for my page makes me feel so anxious for Christmas. Every time I come on my blog, I get that nice little tingly feeling. Well, that’s all for now, I have to finish an essay that is due tomorrow.

Mentorship Project Wednesday, Nov 28 2007 

The Mentorship project I chose to write with was with the Consumer Math 20s class of Darren Kuropatwa. I was and still stand amazed at the technological advancement of our classrooms. The thing I find is the most interesting about these classroom projects is that the students help each other learn. An example of this is when I asked a student to find the answer to a question I had. He didn’t know how to answer but his friend answered me back. By doing so, he not only gave his classmate the answer, but showed the benefits of having an online class tool as such. I found it a bit intimidating to try to give comments or suggestions to math students because I was never really that good in math. However, the exercise helps me to overcome my fears of the unknown and I even learned many math tricks that I will most likely use! Here are a few examples of the comments I left.

I also learned that this type of teaching keeps the parents accountable as to what their child is learning. It would be great to create a website as such to help the parents of my students updated on their child’s success just as Mr. Kuropatwa did.

To James,

I like your sense of humor James. The step 6 is the best part isn’t it? Because you know you are going to pass the test! Thanks for sharing that with us. It’s so much simpler to find the answer to larger numbers once you have tricks. Is there a trick to finding an answer quick when you have divide 3 digit numbers by 9? For example, 432/9…

James said,

I have no clue about a trick to divide three digit numbers by 9, but I assume Mr. K has one and is just not sharing it with people. =O

Vincent said,

hello, its me vincent, i have a clue about your question, veronique,this how it is, 432/9=48 simply put the first figure of the dividend down as it is, so its 4, 4 is our first number of our answer, then add diagonally to get the next quotient, its 4+3=7. 7 is our 2nd number of our answer, but 47 is not our final answer. next step is to add the 7+2=9. actually the digit of 9 or more is not permitted because we are trying to find how many 9’s are there in 432,so there’s 1 nine in 9 so we must add that 1 into 47,so the final answer is 48.

I replied,

Great thinking Vincent!

I am impressed by your critical analysis. You are clear and in control of the topic. Keep it up! Thanks for answering my question!

Another comment was the following but I did not receive any reply yet.

To Junar,

That’s a really great thing to learn about healthy food especially with all the bad things we unconsciously eat. You should check out this site on Canada Food Guide. Maybe you have already seen it. I have a little task for you. Check out the website and tell me how much milk CHILDREN need to drink and why. If you find this answer maybe you can ask me a really tough one too and I’ll try to answer it. 🙂

University Orchestra Wednesday, Nov 28 2007 

I just got back from my last orchestra rehearsal before the big concert next tuesday. I play second violin and am pretty excited about the concert. We are playing a repertoire from Tchaikovsky, Wagner, and Mercadante, I don’t know if any of you like orchestral music or if you really know what it is but if you would like to come see it, it’s on tuesday night at St Paul Cathedral on the corner of 12th ave and Mackentyre, I think. It starts at 8 o clock. If anyone is interested, you let me know and I’ll give you more imformation.

My Tech Task #6 Monday, Nov 26 2007 

I learned so much from making this movie and it was a great deal of fun. I finally know how to post my videos on the internet and this will be of great use when I want to teach my students how to post their own.

Go Riders Monday, Nov 26 2007 

I’m so glad it was our year, Finally! I think it wasn’t so much the fact that we won the cup, it’s the expressions of pride and of happiness that were on all the players’ faces. That kind of thing makes you realize how rewarding it is to put your heart into something for a long time. I’m also impressed by the fact that the players’ comments about their fans were immense. Go Riders! and Go Saskatchewan!

Crazy week Friday, Nov 23 2007 

So this was definitely a really hectic week and I’m still not used to not having a computer. I think that once next week will be done, I will start breathing again.  It’s not fun to know I won’t be getting much sleep until the 4th. At least, people are getting into the Christmas mood. I  have been hearing many commercials and songs on the radio already. It doesn’t feel like Christmas. Maybe because I haven’t had time to think about it. Once I’m done this semester, I’m definitely doing something for myself. I hope you all do the same.

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